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Umami is the combined passion of the Directors Michelle Dalley and Haddon Sullivan who are both highly commercial and creative individuals that understand the importance and impact of brand design, balanced with the need to deliver results for clients. By taking time to understand your business, market and competitors Umami ensures that your marketing budget makes commercial sense. We love undertaking extensive market research so that we are well placed to give advice and guidance on a complete new look or a brand refresh. Results are critical and we will help deliver them with you - talk to us today to find out how.

Web Design for Food & DrinkWeb Design for Food & Drink

Umami websites are hand crafted and bespoke to each client. We place the experience of the user at the centre of an approach that balances design and functionality. We want the online experience to be memorable for each visitor, balancing intuitive user experience with engaging visuals and innovative new features for your visitors to explore.

We are passionate about designing purposeful, beautiful and practical websites for our customers who are food producers, drinks manufacturers, restaurant operators and pub chains from the South West to the rest of the UK. We can consult on your creative and marketing strategies to include e-marketing planning, website development/revamp, mobile site development, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and web and email hosting on our dedicated servers.

a) Web Development: it is not about creating pages full of images, text and links – it is about connecting with the user and inspiring a response and creating something that those users and businesses value. The best technology is invisible - it just works. Only when the technology fails should we notice it – this is the goal for technical development and delivery service. To describe some of our developments as ‘web sites’ does not do them justice; these are pieces of business-critical software that can affect the very heart of a business.

b) User Experience Design: to make a site a “joy” to use and visitors to keep coming back we need to make sure the end-user can access information easily so the website needs to be intuitive with clear calls to action. Everything that sounds simple – disguises the work and experience that goes into that simplicity – that is where we excel.

Graphic Design / Packaging / PrintGraphic Design / Packaging / Print

Graphic design, packaging design, logos, brochures, folders, catalogues, collateral material and the list goes on … we live and breathe graphic design and, to a large extent it is the foundation of all our work. Your brand is priceless but do you really reflect its true value? Graphic design is embedded in your website, logo, business card, advertising, in fact all communications – your brand is what people see when they look at your business - first impressions count and impression management is what our business is all about. Our goal is to help you stand out from the crowd using attention grabbing graphic design to strategically communicate your marketing messages via high quality aesthetics.

Multi-Disciplinary Design AgencyMulti-Disciplinary
Design Agency

Umami apply the right branding across a vast range of Digital Media and Traditional Mediums – please take a look at to see a more comprehensive list of services and production options available. Our multi-disciplinary approach is seeded in our sister company's 15 year history – our vast experiences includes, for example, discovering a company’s “voice” through marketing workshops then applying that new look and feel across all the company's communications such as establishing “The Brand Guidelines Pack” right through to handling all the printed medias or even installing the signage or completely handling the clients exhibition stand up to carrying out a press pass on a catalogue at crazy o’clock etc. etc.

We have the experience to manage the whole process from beginning to end and, as we are a multi-disciplinary design company then this helps towards maximising potential efficiencies whilst adding value.

Mobile or Smart Phone Compatible Websites: My son Henry would say “to infinity and beyond” – we love traditional media and love nothing better than a new design book for our studios library (it’s a kindle free zone here) but, simply put, no one can afford to solely rely on it. Let’s explore the new marketing possibilities together and gain new customers while others are still learning to embrace and utilise these new technologies together. Mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop-based web browser access within three to five years. Making your content mobile-ready is not easy, but if we take the time now to examine the content, then structure it for maximum flexibility and re-use thus stripping away all the irrelevant parts - we will be better prepared the next time a new browser is widely adopted.

Responsive Website DesignResponsive Website Design

We can ensure that the websites we create are "responsive" so that whether they are being viewed on a high resolution screen or on a smartphone, the content will adapt to size and display content accordingly. Responsive web design embeds standards-based technologies into the design whilst making the site more flexible but also more adaptive to the media that renders it.

This evolution should not be ignored as the digital landscape is changing very quickly – we already consider different browsers and their versions, the users installed fonts, user preferences, monitor resolution, inconsistent window widths, game console browsers, handheld game controllers, tablets, smart phones and their competing operating systems. In short we are faced with a growing number of devices, operating systems and browsers than ever before.

Responsive Website DesignPublic Speaking

Michelle Dalley is an experienced public speaker available for events. She passionately talks about branding and design from a food industry perspective. Combining her 15+ years experience in the food sector with her more recent experience as director of a design house, Michelle is well placed to share experience and advice on how to market food and drink businesses. To find out the latest on Michelle’s speaking gigs follow us on twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

If you would like our own in-house food guru to speak at your event please get in touch at


We have worked on ecommerce sites many times over the years, but we have finally found a system we can fully recommend and can mobilise quickly.

It works as an add-on to your existing site for an example see and the Ecommerce shop is or as a stand-alone ecommerce site.

This site we developed rapidly so our client can mobilise Business to Customer to complement its existing Business to Business channels. For more info click

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Food marketing and Design for Food & Drink

Michelle is well known for quickly building rapport and understanding with operational and senior level clients, to really uncover what they're good at, what they need to do next and then work with them to make it happen. Strategically, this might be through running internal surveys and brand workshops, designing and delivering key customer feedback, taking the insights to produce powerful new marketing positioning, implementing campaigns, being the brand custodian for national foodservice clients and working on the tactical day to day. Supported by a highly experienced creative design team and strong admin function, as a team our focus is to deliver clear results for clients.

20+ Years Design Experience20+ Years Design Experience

Formally trained as a photographer and artist and have embraced all printed and digital media since that time including directing an online/offline magazine publishing business. In the last decade we have focused our efforts towards digital design based on our perpetual love of all things design and photography. I am proud to say that one of my team has worked with me for 13 years and the other heavy weight for 5 years – combine that with Michelle’s’ target specific experience and we have a formidable team. We will deliver great ideas based on sound advice. We’ll work with you to help formulate a brief that will achieve your on and off-line objectives. Our team has been involved in brand creation, consolidation and rejuvenation for more than 10 years. We are in the perception business - perceptions that can be created, consolidated or completely changed!

Brand Strategy & ImplementationBrand Strategy & Implementation

Your brand can be viewed as a personality, a set of values, and the position it occupies in people’s minds – it is a combination of imagery and content and is the image that a company establishes in the market and among its customers.

Simply put, this involves the process of defining what kind of business you are, and how you want to be perceived by your customers, competitors and employees.

Are you communicating your intangible and tangible attributes to your prospects? Are your differences vivid to someone who reads your ads, sees your signage, or visits your offices or sees your website or reads your blog or even meets your delivery driver?

In short, Brand Identity is everything the company wants the brand to be seen as. A strong Corporate Identity supported by strategically planned Brand identity builds the right brand image. Branding covers two key areas — brand strategy and brand design. When both work together they can tell a great brand story.

a) Brand Design: Consumers absorb messages about a brand from its visual triggers more than they consciously realise. It’s our job to paint pictures in their minds – when we “buy” a brand we are buying “into” what the concept stands for as well as what it looks like.

Mistakenly referred to as "the brand", this area covers the creation and implementation of your corporate identity, (or logo, as it's sometimes called). We have a skilled team of Creatives under our Creative Director who are experienced in interpreting your brand strategy and creating a brand image that your customers will remember.

b) Brand Strategy: if we work together on your brand strategy we're going to ask lots of questions! We will drive the process and help you identify what it is you need to be saying, how you should be saying it and to whom. You'll find that working with us is a refreshing experience.

We'll help clear out the clutter, define your brand values, determine your objectives, focus how you think about your customers, and deliver a strategy to give you the point of differentiation your business needs.

Brand Guardians Brand Guardians

Umami is a brand building and brand management organisation - we believe that a brand is the sum total of your customer's experiences.

We deliver success by understanding your audience’s behaviour, identifying their needs and engaging them with your brand by delivery through creative design.

Once the brand strategy has been developed and defined it must be implemented throughout the organization and in all elements of the creative design. All corporate branded materials within the organization should be reviewed to determine if they meet the brand definition requirements. Care should be taken to identify any image gaps within all collateral and sales material that is not consistent with the corporate brand. Once this is achieved it is vital to protect the consistency of the brand via the established brand guidelines and for Umami to police the brand via the agreed branding strategy.

Art / Photography Direction and PhotographyFood & Drink Photography

Our creative director has a lifelong passion for photography and, of course has professional photography gear and pro studio lighting plus our (Wagon House) office doubles as a studio as well. Additionally our image manipulation skills of re-touching, photo-montage and colour grading etc. add further dimension to any shoot.

Specialist areas of work include on site Restaurant, Studio Food and Factory shoots.

We offer a range of photographic services, and with over 30 years' experience in photography direction - you can be sure we know what it takes to create a great image (a few examples are in the slider & our Recent Work portfolio).

Print / ProductionPrint / Production

With over 15 years print experience behind us, we have delivered a huge list of print media such as magazines, brochures, catalogues, folders, insert, stationery and collateral media. Our early history was based in publishing before we grew with digital media. We have huge experience in all print medias such as digital print, litho, web offset and wide format. In our opinion the mass of information from electronic media will not take away the significance of print.

We deal with trade only printers and with our buying power we command very competitive pricing for our clients – our printers are familiar with our attention to detail and are well used to my press passes for print critical print jobs. Our extensive range of contacts within the printing means that we compare quotes and then buy, place and even oversee the print on your behalf at the right price.

What's more, our expertise enables us to choose the right process for your job whatever your quantity or requirements - low volume and quick turn-around digital printing, highest quality and high volume offset lithography or very large quantity web offset printing.

Our duty is to project manage the entire proofing and printing process giving you complete peace of mind. The best quality printing, within your deadline and without any complications at an affordable price.