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Web design trends - Keeping up with the market
Author: Umami Team

I recently discovered this little gem of a blog, about web design trends to look out for in 2013. As we’re halfway through the year, it’s obvious that these trends are indeed on the rise – and a good thing too. Websites are constantly becoming more beautiful and intuitive, and a great interface that melds together great design and function. At Umami we’ve actually used a lot of these trends already this year.

Top of the list in the article was responsive website design – suitable for viewing across all platforms such as tablets or games consoles, small or large screens. We have used this very up-to-date technique on our website for Tate & Lyle Sugars – take a look at across a range of screens or window sizes to see how the design changes – no horizontal scrolling!

We’ve also used several of the elements in the article for our website for Sushi on the Go – the background is a large photo and the text box over it is partially transparent which makes the site look bang on trend at the moment. The circular logo is also on-trend, and a great design element on the site.


We also use plenty of web design trends on our very own Umami website – from the responsive layout to the lovely bespoke illustrations in the slider.

Umami Design Website

It’s important for anyone to keep up with the changes and trends in their market, and few move as fast as the internet and design. New breakthroughs are always being made with code, and design is always fluid and trendy.

Article by Victoria, trend queen

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