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Tesco Finest to roll out new look
Author: Umami Team

Tesco are revamping the packaging for it’s top-end Finest range, following last years successful roll-out of the Value range re-branding to ‘Everyday Value’.

The change sees the striking black and silver packaging featuring rustic photos of food and ingredients set against dark wooden tables replaced with a more ‘homemade’ feel – with script fonts and stylised illustrations.

This follows last months news that Tesco Finest will be sponsoring the next series of Downton Abbey – Tesco really do seem to be pushing their Finest range at the moment. Could this be a reaction to the massive losses they made by making a U-turn on their decision to spread across the Atlantic to America? Or is it just all in the name of progress?

Michelle says: “The new style visual branding feels contemporary yet classic and the illustrative is bang on trend. The refresh looks premium and discerning and is noticeably different thus giving the whole range refresh and attracting attention from new consumers.  Interestingly we have been working on an illustrative style similar to this for a retail brand (can’t name names due to a non-disclosure agreement), it should be launching at the end of 2013.  Watch this space and we will tell you more!”

Ooh, exciting!

Article by Victoria

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