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Apples, Sustainability and local business on Radio 4!
Author: Victoria Jones

Today we heard that a fantastic local farm & farm shop, Hanley Farm Shop, have been featured on Radio 4’s Farming Today programme. They are talking all about the organic label, and whether it does more harm than good. Listen to it on Radio 4’s iPlayer . It’s great to hear a local company get a national spotlight – especially one that is linked so closely with many things we’re passionate about at Umami, like great food, local issues and sustainability.

Hanley Farm Shop is a fantastic local shop, selling beautiful products from a converted barn on Tidenham Chase (a great road with stunning views if you ever get chance to drive down it). They are heavily involved with the Transition Chepstow movement, that our own Creative Director Haddon is involved with. Transition Chepstow is a movement to make the town of Chepstow more sustainable, through promoting and supporting local produce, home cooking, public transport and community events.

Incidentally, Transition Chepstow’s next upcoming event is the annual Chepstow Apple Day – this year has been fantastic for apples, so be prepared for a bumper crop at the celebrations!  The Apple Day is one of the main events of the year for Transition Chepstow and their flagship cause to grow community orchards and buy a community apple press to allow Chepstow people to make their own cider and apple juice – I actually went to a community cider making event the other weekend that is to help raise money for the community press (we used equipment kindly lent for the day). It was really great fun in a beautiful location in the shadow of Chepstow Castle – and will hopefully provide scrummy scrumpy in a few months time!

Article by Victoria

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