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Looking Forward to 2014 Food Trends and New Work!
Author: Umami Team

So 2013 saw Umami’s first whole year in business – and what a year!

We have built a fantastic relationship with Tate & Lyle Sugars – designing their foodservice website and working on the brochure to go with this – still underway.

We were also shortlisted for a Monmouthshire Business Award in Excellence in Marketing, though lost out to worthy competition Hicks Logistics (But there’s always 2014 to try again!).

We have carried out some fantastic Direct Marketing campaigns to spread the word about the new business, and secured promising meetings with national and internationally recognised food brands.

We also helped some smaller local food & drink businesses, including a logo and packaging design for Chantler Teas and logo and menu design for upscale Cardiff takeaway Mint & Mustard At Home.

There are also lots of exciting projects underway, though unfortunately many we are unable to name due to confidentiality agreements. One project involves a young entrepreneur launching an exciting new product to retail outlets across the UK in 2014 – it will be fun to see more of our design on the shelves of well-known shops!

We of course already have our logo and packaging design for Sushi on the Go and Sustainably Sauced gracing shelves in Spar, Nisa, Costcutter and petrol kiosks across the country.

So what’s new for 2014? As well as plenty of exciting new potential clients in all aspects of the food & drink industry, across hospitality, retail and production, we also are keeping our eye on the 2014 food trends set to rise.

Of course Street Food is still trendy, as we spotted at the Restaurant Show, as is the upscale junk food we have blogged about previously, but trends set to rise in 2014 include more locally sourced ingredients, more ‘mashup’ dishes such as 2013s Cronut, the rise of tea, artisan pizza and even Umami! Social dining is set to rise as well, seeing more restaurants and cafes with large, shared bench tables and dining bars.

It’s an exciting time to be a foodie!


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