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The Perfect Cheese Business Card?
Author: Umami Team

At Umami it goes without saying that we love design and brand as much as we love food – but we prefer it when the two are perfectly combined.

That is why we love this business card for a cheese shop in Brazil – how better to be remembered by your cheese-loving customers than by giving them their own pocket-sized cheese grater business card? Also, the usefulness of the product ensures that it won’t be thrown away, and it’s uniqueness makes it a viral talking point. All fantastic free ways to convey your message!

We love clever, value-added brand work like this. As we always tell people – your brand is more than just your logo. It’s everything you do when you communicate with the public, whether they are current customers, potential customers or anyone else. Everyone can have and voice an opinion on your service, language and brand even if they are not personally your customers – all of this affects the way people see your brand.

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