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Pizza Hut's new branding - is it the flavour of now?
Author: Victoria Jones

This week Pizza Hut have unveiled a new brand identity that they will be rolling out across its thousands of US stores later this month.

The move comes after years of slipping sales – the once-popular pizza giant has recently found itself in limbo after an explosion in high-end and cheap-and-cheerful competitors. They hope the new brand will help them appeal to a younger audience and that new luxury topping options will help them offer a premium price point.

The new menu sounds great – with additions like sriracha, salted pretzel base (really want to try that) and balsamic drizzle (YUM). I’m also interested to see how they plan to cater for specialised diets – I know they are currently pretty good but with all these new flavours you can only hope this will broaden their choice and appeal!

The new logo seems to have split opinions in our office – I quite like the flat design (bang-on-trend at the moment) and the single-colour design. The swirl in the background actually makes me think of pizza, which their previous logos (Is it a hat? Is it a roof?) didn’t do, and the familiar roof/hat shape and font is still there to carry forward a little brand recognition. However, Michelle says she can’t get the image of Walter White out of her head when she sees the hat… What do you think of the way the brand has evolved?

The company is also refreshing it staff uniforms (apparently going for a ‘jeans and t-shirt look’), takeaway boxes, online ordering system and strapline (The Flavour of Now – not so fussed on the words but that font is gorgeous!). This is a total brand overhaul aiming to reposition their brand.

What I want to know is – when does this brand and menu refresh make the trip across the pond to get rolled out in UK branches?

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