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5 Food Trends to Look Out for in 2015
Author: Umami Team

Here’s a little snippet from our blog from early January predicting 2014’s food trends:

Of course Street Food is still trendy, as we spotted at the Restaurant Show, as is the upscale junk food we have blogged about previously, but trends set to rise in 2014 include more locally sourced ingredients, more ‘mashup’ dishes such as 2013s Cronut, the rise of tea, artisan pizza and even Umami! Social dining is set to rise as well, seeing more restaurants and cafes with large, shared bench tables and dining bars.’

Didn’t we do well? All of these did seem to come to fruition through the year, as well as the rise of superfoods like Kale and Quinoa.

Our predictions for some of the hot trends of 2015 include:

  1. Free-from – growth in  meat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.
    Meat Free Mondays are on the rise, as well as mainstream awareness of gluten-free foods. This all bodes well for the Free-From market, which is tipped to explode over the next few years. Already, there is a huge rise in vegetarians and vegans, people choosing gluten- or dairy-free diets and better knowledge of allergens in food (both in-store and out at restaurants) and this is only set to rise. We are in a great place to ride this trend – we already have two gluten-free companies as clients – Wellaby’s and Love At First Bake!
  2. Ethics – more sustainablity, transparency and local food
    This trend is hugely linked in with the transparency of ingredients and ethics of meat and dairy production that have fuelled the free-from explosion. People want to know the provenance of their food – and farmers markets, local producers, traditional shops (think proper greengrocers, butchers and bakers) and restaurants with an emphasis on sustainability are all set to grow in popularity.
  3. Pickles & fermentation
    Tradition and seasonal produce are buzzwords, which can only mean one thing – fermentation! Pickles, preserves and fermented products like sauerkraut and kimchii are all set to grow in popularity. Restaurants like
    The Ethicurean should expect to see a massive buzz next year as sustainable, seasonal produce and pickles get more popular!
  4. Whisky
    Gin has been seeing a bit of a revival recently, and hot on its tail is whisky. Expect to see a growth in whisky cocktails, as well as artisan producers. Hot tip – look out for Japanese whiskys as these are widely reputed to be the new best!
  5. Brunch
    Who doesn’t love brunch? The perfect cure for those mid-morning tummy rumbles. Prepare to see more places offering brunch! Our client Sawyer’s is ahead of the curve and offer a brilliant brunch menu.


These are just predictions of course, and it will be fun finding out what else 2015 has in store!

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