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Good, better, best. What's new at Waitrose?
Author: Umami Team


Good, better, best. What’s new at Waitrose? According to the front cover advertising wrap of The Times Magazine, it’s the new Waitrose No1 range - “the very best of Waitrose & partners. 

We spotted this premium range, No1, in store and had to try a delicious pear, ginger and white chocolate blonde cake, it was exceptional, the best in their range and trust me, we’ve been through them all! 

Then the fabulous Myles Dowd bought me a bar of milk chocolate, that is unlikely to make it to Monday... thanks Myles, sorry about the not sharing! 

In a time when the food industry is under extreme pressure on margins, with the threat of what comes next on the B word, you have to make a choice. And the Waitrose No1 range seems brave at this time but the food industry can never afford to stand still, so if you’re going to relaunch a premium range just before Christmas is the right time to do it. The heavy advertising spend will be gambling on impacting sales at their most critical time of year. 

From a design perspective, the branding is subtle, a white line running through the packaging, simple and classy as you would expect from Waitrose. But, a little too thick we feel, the thickness feels a little heavy, clumsy. We’d have gone about 20% thinner. It sounds fussy, but that’s what we do. 

Anyway. Go seek it out, there’s 700 products to work your way through. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business or to let me know what you think.



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