Umami - Are your rare breed eggs all in one basket? What does Brexit mean for your food and drink business?

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Are your rare breed eggs all in one basket? What does Brexit mean for your food and drink business?
Author: Michelle Dalley


The opportunity for food and brands to sell their produce is vast. The key is to understand who your customer is, it can’t be “everyone”, that’s just too challenging.

By identifying your consumer, you can begin to build your brand voice, ensuring that every communication touch point is consistent across your social media, website, packaging and messaging. Surely that’s enough? The answer is simple – no, it’s not.

As a food brand you need to understand your route to market. In challenging economic times, change is often felt quickly in the retail sector. The media like to talk about the impact of uncertainty on supermarkets and this adds pressures to those purchasing teams to make safer choices. Time spent chasing supermarket listings is all-consuming and exciting. To win this game of roulette, the investment in time and money is often heavy, and the risk is high.

When working with food businesses, I recommend the Foodservice and Out of Home markets – hotels, restaurants, casual dining, cafes and food to go. This route to market can be more complex but by working with experts who understand this sector, you can spread your risk and distribution can become easier.

Of course, you still need to understand your consumer but if you combine this with a compelling reason why these venues and distributors should list your amazing product you are then answering all their questions. Create a plan that shows how you would help launch the product with supporting marketing materials and drive engagement ongoing.

Having a great product is not enough these days. You must have a clear marketing strategy with your customer at the centre. Focus, hard work, great communication and a determination to follow your plan are essential and don’t leave your rare breed eggs in one basket!

For anyone or any business looking for a professional, creative external resource, then look no further than Michelle Dalley at UMAMI. The big difference against other companies I have used is, they 'LISTEN' and once they understand your business strategy, their commitment to work closely with you and to deliver on your expectations is paramount.  Martin Finegan - Pacific West UK

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