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We think in hashtags
Author: Michelle Dalley

At Umami we are so passionate about design and food that Instagram is quite possibly the perfect social media platform for us!

I genuinely think in hashtags (and song lyrics - but that's another story!), so posting on Instagram is easy for me. 
We often get comments from people who say "I never know what to say, or what to even share".

To help we've written five tips on things to share on Instagram! 

  1. Food & drink - Instagram loves food pictures. Fact. So when you are out and about take a pic of what you see, whether it's a luscious slice of cake or the steam coming of a bowl of risotto. Share it. And tell people what you are eating, where and why. Have you just received the perfect flat white complete with a heat in your crema? If so then share it and tag the clever Barista or cafe that made it. 
  2. Quotes - you know the ones! They could be about the day of the week or something kick ass and inspirational. Pick the right one for your day and go with it. Remember that this reflects your business and brand so before you post a picture about how hungover you may be. Just ask if that is appropriate to share? If it is - go for it! 
  3. Be seasonal, the first day of the month is a perfect day to share a new post. Or maybe the first day of spring? Use a lovely photo and get people in an optimistic mood.
  4. People - if you're meeting a friend for coffee take a photo of them or with them. Make your instagram personal and tell people more about you and your business. We like to share pictures of the team, maybe if it's their birthday and we are celebrating or out on a photoshoot. Tell your story through your people, build the connections and make them real for the contacts who may never meet them in real life!
  5. Things that make you smile - seriously, building a brand is about sharing what you are about. Show people what you care about, it could be your dog, your garden, your car, your home, your holiday. If you share with people they will get to know about you and that makes it easier for them to engage. Try it! 

If you are following us on Instagram you will most likely know that Michelle mostly posts about food, coffee (specifically flat whites), business, design, networking, quotes and more food and drink! Mixed in with a little insta video to show people who we really are. 

We always love feedback, so if you have any additions drop us an email. In the very least give us a follow on Instagram and say hello!


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