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How are the changes in food manufacturing affecting your opportunities?
Author: Michelle Dalley

If you’re a food manufacturer here’s further evidence that the market is in a state of change. This provides huge challenges for the market leaders and opportunities for the next tier of producers to step up and take some of the opportunities on the table.

Are you ready?

It’s sad news that another major frozen food manufacturer is looking to make significant redundancies., you can read more about the pressures at Young’s Seafood here. Following 15 years working in the seafood sector it is hard to believe that the large frozen operators, such as Young’s and Five Star, are having to make such significant cut backs.  Is this due to raw material pricing, downturn in sales, tighter costs or a change of eating habits the key is always to innovate and challenge. However, if your business is the size of a tanker it’s hard to throw out a spinnaker like you can on a smaller business and sail in a new direction. With a smaller operation you can move faster to adapt to market changes than the big operators, you can look more flexible and innovative very easily.

Ask yourself where you sit in relation to your competitors - are you ready for a step up in supply?

Are you positioning your business to attract enquiries and win new business?

If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions then we can help. Next week we are launching a brand new service aimed at helping businesses like yours to challenge their current sales and marketing initiatives to drive sales and opportunities.

Curious?  Then get in touch and we’ll share a sneak preview of the launch!

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