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Ten food inventions you never knew you needed!
Author: Michelle Dalley

Ten food inventions you never knew you needed…

This Store Sorts It's Bananas By How Ripe They Are

Today life has changed. Someone has come up with the most needed solution in the food industry (IMO).

A label on avocados that tell you when they are ripe. Yes really.

Is it just us that can NEVER get their avocados to be ready at the right time? Too hard, dull flavour. Too soft, 70% brown. Meh!

But here is the solution, a little sticker to tell us consumers when to open our avocado. Perfect! The only problem is WHERE are the stores even using this system?

When we find out we will tell you…thank us later. Until then, good luck everyone!

Thanks to Bored Panda for the article, you can read all ten of the random food inventions here.

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