Umami - 11 Honest Graphs That Hilariously Sum Up What Travel Is Like

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11 Honest Graphs That Hilariously Sum Up What Travel Is Like
Author: Umami Team

If you know Creating Media then you will know that we do love illustration and infographics, this latest set from Design Taxi really made us smile!

Especially as Michelle has just been “on business” in Rome with clients. Now you would think that Michelle had been working REALLY hard for three days but from what we saw on Instagram it really did look like a holiday. She was over there with one of our UK clients as part of their European marketing conference, the only supplier invited to the meeting.

Michelle is quite partial to sharing her foodie experiences and over on Instagram you can see that it can’t have been a tough trip!

This article really did make us smile in the office while she was away, obviously we hoped that she had a super flight experience (BA from Terminal 5). We saw on Twitter that she enjoyed the inflight choices from the new M&S inflight range and had a relaxing journey with excellent service.  We’re all now hoping that our next flights are trouble free and reflect the positive elements of these illustraions! Enoy…

Thank you to Design Taxi for the article. If you would like to find out what Michelle did in Italy watch our for a blog coming soon, or give her a call in the office, she’s always happy to talk food!


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