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Pantone Posts!
Author: Michelle Dalley

Just as we thought we couldn’t love Instagram any more than we currently do we find that #pantoneposts is a thing!

Seriously.  Food laid out in beautiful style to match pantone colours! We need to do this. Tomorrow please team. 

At Umami Design Sense for Food we are not averse to setting up the studio lighting ready for some big ideas for client Instagram accounts and marketing.  A trip to raid M&S of their finest ingredients to add that extra sparkle to  a plate of crackers.  Hunting down the most perfect teeny tiny cookie cutters for another shoot, or ordering a honey pot and stirrer on Amazon just for one shot for gluten free snacks we are shooting tomorrow. It’s what we do – find the little extra touches that make a difference.

There’s a great little shop not far from the studio, some would say second hand, but to me it is like the Bagpuss shop.  Always has a little surprise to make me smile, a vintage set of cake forks and slice, a perfectly pretty cake stand, a vintage coffee cup, an antique wooden door that is our perfect backdrop.

So.  What to shoot for our #pantoneposts …. Decisions, decisions! In our opinion you cannot be a serious agency without a pantone set to inspire, although we do like to supplement our colour palettes with wonderful paint charts like Farrow and Ball etc.

If you would like to see how we can help you stand out with your food photography get in touch.  Don’t forget to follow us over on Instagram where I am mostly sharing random pictures that bring me joy!

Post by Michelle – currently dreaming of food and pantone sets

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