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Food and drink inspiration on Instagram - join us!
Author: Michelle Dalley

Running a creative design agency we see inspiration all around!  It could be a social media quote, a picture while out walking the dog at lunchtime, a fabulous coffee with a client.

So for Umami Design for Food we find that Instagram is the perfect platform to share the many hundreds of smartphone photos we take each month. We are fascinated by photographs of food, the styling that makes it look enticing and then the perfectly natural ones that make it look totally edible right now!

At Umami we specialise in working with clients in the food and drink sector, based on my background working in the Foodservice sector for over 15 years, you will often find a coffee or lunch picture!  Don’t be fooled – these are mostly Michelle’s smartphone photographs, for our food photography clients Haddon sets up the studio lights and gets the big camera out!  You can see some of his portfolio on the Umami website.

In the meantime give us a follow over on Instagram and tell us what you think of our posts.


See you on Instagram.

Post written by Michelle – link to my LinkedIn account

Often with a cup of strong coffee in hand (and then in her photo stream!)


ps. If you are a Volkswagen Camper Van fan you should take  a look over at our sister account – VW Campers and Classic Motors - which is basically VW Camper Van porn! You’ve been warned – serious Camper Van envy could be a side effect! 

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