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Do you remember the guy selling Fresh London Air? We looked him up and guess what!
Author: Michelle Dalley

Back in March we spotted a terrific story about a Londoner who was emigrating to Canada, with a dream job on his mind.  If you go back and take a look at our blog you will see that we were somewhat cynical about the post.  I mean, seriously – WHO wants a jar of fresh air?  Is air from London even actually fresh?  Would Trading Standards have an opinion about this product? Did it need food regulations labelling…. And the list of over thinking comments went on and on in my head.

Carl faded into the back of my mind over the next few months and if he popped back I kept thinking I must check and see if he got the dream job?

So here it is – Carl Casis got his job at Shopify! Hurrah for the people that take a different approach!

Would Carl’s CV have got him through the door? I doubt it.  He would have been one of thousands touting for a position.


If you want a different approach to your marketing please do get in touch, we’re big on ideas and although some are a bit off the wall we have some winners too!

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Post written by Michelle who is off to get LinkedIn with Carl Casis! 

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