Umami - Fresh London air for sale - April fool come early?

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Fresh London air for sale - April fool come early?
Author: Michelle Dalley

So today over on The Huffington Post we spotted an article that we suspected had been posted a day early?
Surely no one would be selling, let alone buying Shoreditch air? Now don’t get us wrong, we know that Shoreditch has gone up in the world and is now full of fabulously cool cafes, hipsters and funky places to live and be. But WHY would someone sell fresh air from there?  And not only sell it but at £19.99 (not sure if p&p is extra).

Thankfully there is a good back story to the post (phew!), Carl Casis is looking for a job! Not just any old job but he has a target in mind. Shopify!

My personal background is in Sales and Marketing, firstly in the food industry then a later career move to running a creative agency. Having worked with Chefs and Designers I am appreciative about the creative process and a different way of looking at things.  For our clients we spend time understanding their market and how to make them different, how to connect with their target customers and deliver on their brand principals.

One of the tips that I share when I am speaking at business events is “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.  This comes from my first job at 13 years old, (before the internet, when tv was four channels), having walked into a florist who were recruiting a driver and suggesting that “I can walk and carry flowers”. The pitch worked and I got the job of walking and carrying flowers.  I truly believe that if you want an opportunity you have to TELL the person / organisation that can make that happen!  I have repeated this approach many times in my life and encourage everyone to try it – what’s the worst that can happen?

Anyway, this is exactly what Carl Casis has done. He has found a way to target his dream employer and then he has used the power of social media to gain noise and momentum around his story. Bravo Carl, bravo.

So, it’s a brilliant approach. But I have questions:

1.    Will anyone actually PAY for the fresh air or will all those orders lay suspended in a virtual shopping basket forever?

2.    Does the jar need to be sterilised so that it is not tainted by its IKEA origin? (Other stores are available)

3.    Will Carl actually ship the fresh air?

4.    Will there be a proof of origin for each jar?  Maybe a photo of where it was “collected”?

5.    Is this a date error – is it an April Fool?

6.    Most importantly – will Carl get the job?

I am hoping that number 5 is a yes.  It’s difficult to stand out in the crowd, we help our clients do that in their design and marketing every day.  If you want to know how we could help you, or if Carl actually gets the job at Shopify, then keep reading our blogs or get in touch.  If you have a little idea then give us a call, together we could make it a great big one!

Post written by Michelle

Usually hiding her cynicism but on this occasion admiring a great alternative CV! 

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