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5 Tips for Top Summer Picnics
Author: Victoria Jones

What is lovelier on a sunny day than packing some food up, and disappearing off into the woods and fields for a wander and a summer picnic?

I have so many fantastic memories of going off adventuring with a hamper or cooler full of goodies. From early childhood with my family, right through to my teenage wanders with friends. The picnicking hobby reached a whole new level last year, my first summer with my gorgeous Morris Traveller, perfect kitsch picnic companion.

Now that the weather seems to be finally brightening up for the summer I am looking forward to a whole new drove of adventures, and thought I’d share some top picnicking tips with you.

  1. Dress for the occasion! Some of my best summer picnic memories have been when myself and friends have decided to go the whole hog – dressing in lovely vintage dresses to go with the wicker hamper and retro car.
  2. Don’t have a destination in mind. Just go! Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, just head off in whatever direction takes your fancy. Take the road less travelled, you’ll find somewhere beautiful to enjoy your food that you never could have imagined.
  3. Don’t overpack. This is some advice I really need to follow myself! I always seem to end up taking about twice as much food as I need – it’s easily done with nibbles but definitely sets you back when you have to carry it all!
  4. Use fresh ingredients and flavours. Nothing is nicer on a warm, sunny day that crisp, fresh fruits and vegetables. Take some veg sticks for dipping in hoummus or chutney, take cherry tomatos to eat whole, or apple slices for a sweet kick afterwards. And wash the whole thing down with a nice chilled cider – summery bliss!
  5. Go prepared. Although the weather may be lovely when you leave, I have been caught out in the past. Take a coat for rain, and a picnic blanket in case of damp ground (nothing worse than a wet bum!). Also take a carrier bag to take your litter home – very important.

Go forth, adventure and eat!

By Victoria Jones, with lashings of lemonade

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