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5 Tips to deliver Old School Marketing with a twist
Author: Michelle Dalley

As a business we are constantly talking to our clients about their marketing needs, styles, budgets and targets.  What this means is that we are a team brimming with ideas and excitement about how to raise the profile of brands, products and businesses.

One thing that we talked about is how many emails we receive every single day, selling us “stuff” and clogging up our inboxes.  When was the last time you received something nice in the post?  Not recently for us, so we decided to go for an old school approach and send something that will make people smile and be surprised.

Today it was the turn for us to send out some of our own bright ideas.   The office has been abuzz with brown paper, scissors, the perfect string (not brown, not thick, Umami colours), lovely marketing cards and lots of handwriting.

For this direct marketing shot here are the five points that we considered along the way:


1. Set a budget (boring but necessary)

The wonderful thing about creativity is that good ideas can grow and grow.  The balance always has to be measured in the amount you spend.  As a team brimming with ideas and in house designers we can create graphics quickly and effectively but then we need to consider how we are going to send the communication out.

For our latest campaign (see pictures below and on our Pinterest board) we came up with the idea, worked out the unit price of the components and postage and agreed a total price to spend.  This really focused our minds on sending the mailing to the very best contacts and opportunities.

Obviously there are many other options than just direct mail marketing, but it is important to measure the cost against return.  Don’t forget to factor in your time too, how long will it really take to write the text and action it…it is never as quick as you expect!


2. Create an interest – be different

For this latest marketing shot at Umami we purchased some rather wonderful Taste #5 Umami Pastewhich is a delicious flavour bomb to enhance savoury dishes.  It really is a brilliant product, we have used it into risottos, stir frys, pastas and more.  The paste gives an instant boost to the dish and really delivers on the fifth taste sensation.  Obviously we chose this product because it works brilliantly with our own company name and we hope that the recipients will keep hold of the product because it is unusual, quirky and foodie (they are all food contacts).  On that basis we attached a little swing tag with our branding and a chatty message on the neck, so that they remember where to look and find us.

The parcel has a personalised hand written card inside and a business card, all wrapped in brown paper with a hand written address.  The personal touch – just like our service.

Fingers crossed they all love their package that will arrive on Monday morning!


3. Make your marketing targeted

Depending on the budget that you have set for your campaign you will then select the contacts that you are going to make.  If it is an email marketing campaign you can afford to market to a larger number of contacts at a set price in comparison to direct mail.  Social media is a whole different set of opportunities and we will write a blog about this soon.

For our current direct mail campaign we chose 20 food industry contacts that we wanted to impress (stage two of more contacts will follow once we have assessed the response).  Measure, measure, measure!  We feel that the personalised approach and hand written parcel and cards really add to the impression that the contact will receive.

All of these contacts are in our CRM, with an action against them and a date to follow up.



This is a marketing opportunity, the chance to create a conversation, raise awareness of your brand, encourage the recipient to take a look at your website, share some useful information, share details of your social media etc (wherever you are directing them).  People rarely like being sold to; marketing is the platform that creates the conditions in which people may choose to then buy from you.


5. Follow up…

This is where lots of businesses go wrong.  The exciting part can be getting the campaign together, buzzing with ideas.  The reality is that we need to follow up on our mailshots to open up the conversation and see what the contact thought.  These conversations can then lead to opportunities maybe immediately or further down the line.

Remember – a “no” is usually a “no, not now” rather “no, not ever”.  Talk to your contacts and update your CRM with the next follow up.

Celebrate the successes and learn from the feedback.

Then repeat. (Remember campaigns often only have a 2-5% response rate – don’t get disheartened)

If you would like to talk to the Umami team about your marketing campaigns please do get in touch by email with Michelle or Victoria.  We also like old fashioned telephone calls at 01291 423234.  We love feedback too so add your comments below.

Article by Michelle Dalley, lover of all things stationery

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