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Two Very Different Architecture Awards
Author: Umami Team

Here at Umami we are just as passionate about design as we are about food – so we’ve been looking at the World Architecture Festival Architecture Awards, and its slightly less glamorous cousin the Carbuncle Cup.

From looking at the Architecture Festival nominated pictures on the BBC websiteit’s obvious that not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love the Vietnamese cafe and Danish aquarium – I love the way that they incorporate very organic feeling shapes and design elements. The wood in the cafe in particular is just gorgeous; it would be like having dinner in the middle of a jungle with those lovely pools all around you. Very deserving of any architecture award.

Just gorgeous. I want to go.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Carbuncle Cup – annual architecture award for the ugliest building in the United Kingdom. Nominations for 2013 are currently open to members of the Building Design magazine website, but there are already some truly hideous building in the running.


2012's Carbuncle Cup winner - Why they couldn't 

have done the same as the SS Great Britain in

Bristol and sunk the glass to floor level i don't know.

What are your favourites from the Architecture Festival Awards, and which do you think should be nominated for the Carbuncle Cup instead?


Article by Victoria, Queen of the Carbuncle Castle

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