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Food for a Cause - The Depressed Cake Shop
Author: Victoria Jones

I’ve recently discovered the ‘Depressed Cake Shop initiative from Miss Cakehead. I have to say, I think the whole thing is just a fantastic idea – using the current trend for all things bake and cake to raise money and awareness of depression and other mental illness is just a fantastic idea.

And what is more therapeutic than baking? When you’re annoyed, taking your stress out on a big lump of bread dough that needs kneading? Concentrating on piping perfect buttercream swirls on your cupcakes completely takes your mind off anything that is stressing you out or getting you down – baking is absolutely what I do to relax or calm down when I’m stressed or upset. (Plus you get copious amounts of lovely comfort food like cake and bread!)


The Depressed Cake Shop will be a pop-up venture – getting a palette of grey cakes donated by both professional and amateur bakers to a range of venues across the UK. The money raised will be donated to mental health charities, and the pop-ups themselves will hopefully make a bit of a talking point by running ‘baking therapy’ sessions and selling their grey wares.

I might just have to go along to the Cardiff branch when details are revealed. I’ve just had the most genius idea – grey Earl Grey flavoured cupcakes. Yum.

What’s your favourite thing to bake to relax? And would you eat grey cake, or is the colour just a little too unappetising?

Article by Victoria, who uses dough as a punchbag




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