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Gourmet Junk Food - is it here to stay?
Author: Umami Team

With the rise of high-end pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and popcorn you have to ask yourself why ‘gourmet junk food’ seems to be the new sought-after trend.

I’m sure we all still have the recent headlines of ‘Burgergate’ in our minds – George Osbourne’s ‘man-of-the-people’ photo with greasy burger in hand being revealed as a £10 whopper from gourmet takeaway Byron. Frankly, not something your common man could afford on a weeknight. Then we have the launch of the Gourmet Hot Dog at Wetherspoons pubs, the rise of bizarre flavours of popcorn, and new top-class takeaways popping up in city centres across the UK.  Just take a look at theLost in Catering London Trends page – burgers, noodles, barbecue and chicken (traditionally a cheap meat)

So why is low-class the new high-end?

My personal theory is that restaurants are reacting to the recent trend for street food – yummy, artisanal convenience food. I quite like this new trend of ‘poshing up’ food that’s normally seen as a bit trashy or everyday – even drinks are getting on the bandwagon with craft beers and unusual blends of leaf tea flying out of shops and farmers markets.  I remember going to a little festival once that had a gourmet crumpet van, of all things. Crumpets smothered in chorizo, red marmalade jam, camembert, crème fraiche. These definitely weren’t your standard 20p crumpets with a dollop of butter.

I adore street food, particularly from far-flung cultures, and this new trend for gourmet junk food is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Article by Victoria, voice of the people

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