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Afternoon Tea at The Savoy Afternoon Tea at The Savoy
As I mentioned in my recent review of Afternoon Tea at Bath Pump Rooms, my next fancy afternoon tea would be at none other than The Savoy in London. In all honesty I am still on a bit of a comedown – the entire experience completely exceeded my expectations in every way. After a day of sightseeing in London we wandered up the Strand to that iconic entrance – the topiaries shaped like the Savoy’s mascot and famous ‘14th guest’ to parties of 13 diners, Kaspar the cat, the beautiful art deco fountain, the doormen in top hats. Fun fact – the roundabout...
Kraken Rum Tentacles Kraken Rum Tentacles
Over the weekend, during the ‘Festival No. 6’ food festival at Portmeirion in North Wales (Nice little reference to The Prisoner there…) a 30 foot tentacle washed up on the beach. This mysterious occurrence was actually part of a (fantastic!) marketing stunt by Kraken Rum as part of the festival – where they served up pieces of ‘kraken tentacle’ which were actually rich fruit cake soaked in the rum. The staff at the event were dressed in old fashioned diving suits – as fully suited ‘kraken hunters’. The whole things just sounds like a really great idea carried out really well...
Apple iPhone - What's Next? Apple iPhone - What's Next?
So I hope I’m not the only one finding the new Apple iPhones unveiled this morning a little… underwhelming. With the leaps and bounds forward in Android technology (for example, the Nokia Lumia’s nighttime camera, and unveiling of the new Android KitKat version to be coming soon) and the rumours flying around about potential Apple innovations in the run-up to the launch, a reskinned OS, pretty colours on the cases and a fingerprint sensor just aren’t enough to get anyone in the office excited. I think Apple have placed themselves in a strange position – they have released a ‘budget’ version...
Lucozade Ribena Sale to Suntory Lucozade Ribena Sale to Suntory
  Today we heard the news that GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has sold the household brands Lucozade and Ribena to Japanese company Suntory for £1.35bn. Suntory already own Orangina and Schweppes so are well placed to expand the former GSK brands – although Ribena and Lucozade are well known in the UK they don’t have the recognition internationally that Suntory’s other brands do. A sale has potentially been on the cards since Feburary to allow GSK to focus on their pharmaceutical operation – though they achieved nearly double the original price tag of £766 million. This is especially interesting news for us in the Umami office,...
Sir Terry Matthews announces Celtic Manor Organic Brand Sir Terry Matthews announces Celtic Manor Organic Brand
Photo from Sir Terry Matthews has announced that he will be beginning to turn the Celtic Manor and Usk Valley into a model organic paradise. The South Wales business giant already sources organic food for the Celtic Manor Resort’s catering operations, including over 3000 local organic turkeys over the Christmas period. According to Sir Terry the ‘natural progression’ was to move on to growing his own. As such a big local landowner and big-name influencer Sir Terry is probably uniquely placed to head a crusade for more organic food – the purchasing power and brand recognition of the Celtic Manor are...
Tesco Finest to roll out new look Tesco Finest to roll out new look
Tesco are revamping the packaging for it’s top-end Finest range, following last years successful roll-out of the Value range re-branding to ‘Everyday Value’. The change sees the striking black and silver packaging featuring rustic photos of food and ingredients set against dark wooden tables replaced with a more ‘homemade’ feel – with script fonts and stylised illustrations. This follows last months news that Tesco Finest will be sponsoring the next series of Downton Abbey – Tesco really do seem to be pushing their Finest range at the moment. Could this be a reaction to the massive losses they made by making a...