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Why I love a great Cortado Why I love a great Cortado
Was it a dream or was it REALLY that good? Picture the scene… I am in London on a day of meetings – nice pre-Christmas ones, over lunch and drinks with lovely people.  I arrive in London on a crisp, bright December morning, a heart full of love for this amazing City and a sparkle of Christmas in my step. And guess what – I am early, in London with time for me!  This makes me happy.  My first meeting was just round the corner from Covent Garden, which is one of my favourite places.  The over sized reindeer, Lego advent calendar...
Free wifi Free wifi
Here it is an opinion.  All mine, Free wifi – is that too much to ask for? I was introduced at an event to a senior board member of one of the major hotel chains, he asked me “how could we improve the service in our hotels”.  My answer was simple, not the price of coffee or food (although that could well be another blog now I think about it – hotel food prices are out of control!).  The answer was “free wifi”. If you know me from my corporate world then you will remember that I lived up and down the motorway...
Wild Garlic carpets in Monmouthshire Wild Garlic carpets in Monmouthshire
I can still remember walking in the woods with my husband and our weimaraner Dragon just before we moved to Monmouthshire.  The woods were somewhere between Chepstow and Usk, lush green, stream flowing through it, perfect country walk. There was a smell, really powerful in the dewy morning and I could not believe that it smelt just like garlic. Everywhere. Wild garlic is a wonderful thing, like a carpet in the forest, really pretty and found around the bluebells.  It has pretty white flowers but the key part for cooking is the green leaves, you can use the flowers but really...