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The Language of Colour The Language of Colour
Colour is a very emotive design tool, and our reactions to many colours are deeply rooted in our psyche and culture so it’s important to choose your brand colours carefully. There is a reason that bright, warning red is used for road signs and hospital wards are painted a soothing pastel green or blue! As well as considering what you want your brand colour to say about you, you also have to consider how the supporting colours in your scheme work together – this is where you need to consider a colour wheel. A general rule of thumb is that colours...
Umami client work - Lodge Farm Kitchen website Umami client work - Lodge Farm Kitchen website
One of Umami’s latest websites to go live is Lodge Farm Kitchen. Take a look at this brilliant new high-quality ready meal site! The process started, as ever, by discussing what was important to the client. Lodge Farm Kitchen has had fantastic growth since they started in 2009, and have recently moved into a brand new purpose built factory and had an updated logo and packaging redesign to fit their new market position. They were in need of a new website to match this fresh new image, and aimed at targeting trade customers rather than direct to the end consumer. They were also very...
5 Bits of Design Jargon Worth Learning 5 Bits of Design Jargon Worth Learning
Here at Creating Media we know that the design world has its own share of jargon and specialised terms the same as any other industry. While most of it is put into plain terms when we talk with clients there are just some terms that are worth knowing if you are discussing design… Below we give you a 5-point roadmap to blagging your way through a conversation about design! Logo design vs branding Logo design is an aspect of branding, but not the entire process. Brand is everything that customers experience about your company, from the colours chosen, to your brand values,...