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Valentines Day for Valentines Day Haters Valentines Day for Valentines Day Haters
For anyone who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day – there are a few sets of fantastic cards for singletons and Valentines sceptics. The first set, from Dysfunctional Valentines, are available for couples who want to send mushy message with a twist… such as ‘You’ll do’ and ‘You’re OK for your age’ (If you want to see the whole set just be aware that some have bad language) The second set, from Buzzfeeds Jen Lewis, are for those people who just want to re-affirm their self-love. ...
Review - Masa, Bristol Review - Masa, Bristol
Visited 9 Feburary 2014 Last weekend I went out for the evening with possibly the most impossible party to cater for. There was me (a vegetarian who can’t eat chillis, ruling out most vegetarian-friendly cuisines like Indian and Thai), my partner (who demands meat with every meal) and our friend (who is allergic to wheat). It didn’t help that we headed out at around 6 – missing most of the places who only open at lunchtime on Sunday. We meandered through the city, determined to try somewhere new, before ending up in Baldwin Street with a few possibilities in front of...